About Us

Keemaya is an inherent power that creates miracles. We are the ones who make that miraculous experience happen!

Keemaya Productions, based out of Mumbai & Bengaluru, bridges the gap between you and your audience. How? Our creative hunger produces world-class content by providing end-to-end production services.

Our Principles

Our Vision

Where Creativity Meets Excellence. From captivating documentaries to sizzling ad films and breathtaking photoshoots, we infuse every project with unparalleled passion. Our seasoned team, armed with sharp minds and years of expertise, turns visions into masterpieces. Always delivering the best—because that's just how we roll.

Our Mission

At Keemaya Productions, our mission is to rewrite the rules of storytelling and set new standards of excellence. Armed with imagination, creativity, and the art of magic-making, we aspire to be the unrivalled masters of the storytelling craft. Redefining benchmarks is not just a goal—it's our passion.

Our Core Values

At the heart of Keemaya Productions lie our sacred pillars: Imagination, Creativity, and Art. Imagination fuels our vision, propelling us beyond boundaries. Creativity is the heartbeat of our work, breat

Our Ventures

Keemaya Productions

Keemaya Productions

Keemaya Productions, envisioned to redefine media production, is a dynamic powerhouse committed to providing end-to-end services. From concept to execution, we seamlessly weave every element, resulting in impactful outcomes. With over 500+ successful visual ads and digital films, we pride ourselves on creativity, innovation, and excellence in every project.

VadaPaav Films

VadaPav Films

VadaPav Films is our dedicated venture for films and film-line production services. We take pride in our successful journey, having produced the Kannada film "Michagi Nee Baralu," provided line production for the Hindi cinema "Mary Kom," and are currently in the process of bringing to life our first Marathi film titled "Mu. Po. Devacha Ghar.

Keemaya Equipments

Keemaya Equipment

Mere paas, mere paas…Keemaya equipment hai.

Keemaya Equipment is our gear-focused venture, providing multi-camera setups, lights, and accessories. This strengthens our technical capabilities, ensuring we're well-equipped for any production needs.

Our Team

Maahesh Kumar Jaiswal

Founder/ Producer

Kirti Jaiswal


Adhip Chakrovorty

Arbeel Sajad

Arbeel Sajad

Client Service Executive

Pratush Lala

Accounts Manager/Production Manager

Sachin Gupta

Post Production Head